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Environmental Planning

Our professionals are skilled in evaluating environmental, social, political, and economic factors associated with development and other landscape-altering activities.  We have successfully completed feasibility studies, environmental impact statements (EISs), environmental assessments (EAs) and Biological Assessments (BAs).  

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

We are a leader in successful navigation of the NEPA process and environmental Executive Orders.  Our subject matter experts hold vast experience conducting environmental, social and economic desktop and field studies.  

State and Local Environmental Review Processes 

We garner a proven track record in achieving state and local environmental quality act/review compliance.  Our CEQR and SEQR compliance experts identify potential adverse environmental impacts associated with proposed actions, assess their significance and propose measures to avoid, minimize or mitigate significant impacts. 

Agency and Public Coordination and Outreach

Agency and public coordination is at the forefront of the environmental review process.  Our professionals are experienced in working with pertinent regulatory agencies at all levels.  We also have innovative and affective methods to generate and deliver clear messages to the public. 


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We Focus on Clients Needs While Supporting Sustainable Development

 Our team strives to balance natural resource and socio-economic needs with development and land use change.  Through experience and innovation, we affectively engage stakeholders;

identify project problems, opportunities and constraints; create project measures and alternatives; forecast potential impacts; mediate conflicts and inform the decision making process through established environmental planning methodology.


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